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Pakistan’s Favourite Aromatic Beverage

JUI Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistan’s biggest tea-importing company and a renowned name in the tea community. Our company tests up to 400 cups of tea every week to prepare a detailed report on the quality of the tea available in the international tea market.This weekly report serves as the sole document based on which multinational brands operating in Pakistan decide where to source tea from (in order to be consistent with their required quality). It is because we are so thorough that we are entrusted with large-scale orders of 1000s of merchants, multi-national import companies, supermarts, and wholesale markets daily. Our product portfolio includes four popular types of tea:

Black CTC Tea

CTC refers to processed black tea. One variety of Camellia sinensis plants undergoes an oxidation process to produce black tea, which accounts for just under 70% of the world’s total tea output. The finished product is sold as black tea bags or other quick-infuse tea products. JUI Pvt. Ltd. is a leading tea supplier for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, importing the highest-quality blends from Kenya- the third-largest tea-producing country in the world.

Green Leaf Tea

Another variety of the Camellia sinensis plant makes green tea, which differs from black tea. It involves preventing the leaf from oxidizing and maintaining its green color. JUI offers a wide variety of Green Tea by sourcing from different farms worldwide.

Black Leaf Tea

Unprocessed, pure black tea is raw Camellia sinensis plant. Before being processed and dried, black tea leaves are allowed to completely oxidize, turning them a deep brown color and giving the tea its authentic flavor.

Herbal Tea

A great variety exists within herbal teas, which are produced from dried flowers, fruits, spices, or herbs. As a result, herbal teas come in various flavors and are a tempting and healthier substitute for regular tea or sweetened beverages. JUI is a leading herbal tea supplier cultivated on specialized farms.


JUI Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished importer of grains and a renowned supplier in the local markets. We are also proud exporters of rice, an important cash crop for the country. Since grains are a staple in the Pakistani household diet, we ensure that we uphold all certified quality standards of all grains imported and exported through rigorous testing in-house and at the trade port. Our product portfolio includes four popular types of grains:


JUI Pvt. Ltd. has an extensive global network of trusted harvesters and sellers, enabling us to procure various commodities from their originating sources. Some of our major source markets are in Nigeria, Bangladesh, and the Middle East.


Sourcing commodities from different origins requires strict product quality control policies. To ensure uniformity and standards, the sourced products undergo a rigorous selection procedure and third-party testing before they are shipped to any of our clients.


JUI Pvt. Ltd. takes care of everything surrounding the import, export, logistics, and customs side of the order on behalf of its client. Our clients never need to worry about paperwork, tracking shipments, or delivery. From order documentation to filing, correspondence to shipping,- JUI excels at it all. We also offer customized packages on all of our services that can be adjusted to every client’s individual needs.

Stock Maintenance

The commodity market is a dynamic and volatile market, and one may not always be able to procure the desired quantity or quality of product every time an order is placed. Since JUI Pvt. Ltd. deals with supermarts and multinational brands, ensuring consistency with the supply chain is our job. JUI now maintains all tea stock and other food commodities in its state-of-the-art, environmentally hygienic warehouses in Dubai, from where commodities are shipped on demand to retailers, wholesalers, and importing companies.


Blending is sometimes the only way to ensure product homogeneity, which is crucial for ensuring steady year-round quality. In addition, blends offer a richness of flavor to age-old classics, which are loved by many. Our expertise in tea blends allows us to explore various blending options with our clients. We work with clients 1-on-1 to develop these blends and also offer ready-to-pack solutions according to their needs.

Weekly Quality Report

The secret to our unrivaled position as committed tea supply chain managers- we warrant uniformity and the highest quality of products for our clients. JUI Pvt. Ltd. tests around 400 cups of tea imported from different merchants every week to provide a detailed report outlining the tea’s quality. This weekly report serves as the sole document based on which multinational brands operating in Pakistan decide where to source tea from that particular week.

Market Report

Being part of the global commodity network, JUI Pvt. Ltd. has access to the most recent market news and data.

This data, which is compiled weekly, is then analyzed by our experts, who have decades of experience in the industry, to prepare a comprehensive market report. The report provides businesses with near-perfect forecasts and distinctive perspectives on the industry’s current situation and trends, so our clients always have a choice and can make informed decisions.

We are where we are today solely because we’ve never let our clients be embarrassed in front of their clients. Our consultation services are complementary when you sign up with us as a client, so you never have to rely on guesswork and hearsay.

Quality Inspection

JUI Pvt. Ltd. never compromises on the quality and standards of its commodities. All our exported products are tested in-house and through third parties to ensure a bias-free evaluation of the products being sent out. Another common practice carried out by our team is to thoroughly inspect all products before they leave our warehouses and on the port before they are shipped anywhere in the world.