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About Us


Generation I- Humble Beginnings During Early Days of Pakistan; 1950

Jaza ul Ihsan Pvt. Ltd. was a dream realized in 1950 when its foundation was laid with a solid vision and high entrepreneurial spirit. Our Founder Habibullah Paracha was a man with unwavering values and extraordinary business valor. His ability to identify and build on opportunities got us to where we are today. We started as a “middle man company” in the vast tea market, providing our importing company clients with gathering bids, handling orders, client file maintenance, and logistic services. Initially, the center for most of our chaaye business and trade was East Pakistan. The founding team used to travel to now Bangladesh every two weeks to ensure service and product quality, not caring for the profit lost in traveling and personally checking every detail of the order. The hard work paid off early as JUI Pvt. Ltd. started to make waves and soon became a trusted name among importers. The good reputation brought about the company’s first multinational contract, and we have never looked back.

Fall of Dhaka: 1971 - A Setback, But Not The End

Determined to continue serving our Bengali clientele, we tried to persevere for as long as possible. Visits became less frequent due to new restrictions, and the number of orders was cut down, so we didn’t have to compromise on quality. The post-partition recovery was slow and painful as we realized that we weren’t immune to the challenges of this new partition and that maintaining full-scale operations here wasn’t sustainable.

Generation II-1980; The New Leads Take Over

Still recovering from the loss of our trade arm, the second generation of our business knew it had to do something to restore its glory. We entered the middle east. Warehouses were purchased in Dubai and thus started the new era of international trade and stock supply.

Fruits and Vegetables

JUI Pvt. ltd. is a trusted name and preferred partner in the fruits and vegetable trade. Our extensive worldwide network allows us to source and export seasonal fruits and vegetables all over the world. Our product portfolio includes the following:


JUI Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished importer of grains and a renowned supplier in the local markets. We are also proud exporters of rice, an important cash crop for the country.


JUI Pvt. Ltd. trades in various spices, some of which are exported to various countries worldwide. Our company imports 100 tons of spices and herbs every month from over 10 countries and thus plays a vital role in the consistent .....

Tea- Pakistan’s Favourite Aromatic Beverage

JUI Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistan’s biggest tea-importing company and a renowned name in the tea community. Our company tests up to 400 cups of tea every week to prepare a detailed report on the quality of the tea available in the international tea market.

Generation III - 2010; A New Era

With JUI Pvt. Ltd. already renowned in the commodities space, the third generation set out on a different course- diversification of the business. JUI Pvt. Ltd., which once only dealt with tea, became an importer and exporter of half a dozen grains, spices, fruits and vegetables, and nuts.

With a solid ground to stand firm on and a reputation of more than half a century, JUI Pvt. Ltd. was already a symbol of reliability and a name of commitment in the global buyer/seller market. This helped seize opportunities and lay the foundations for the company’s long-term future.

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Where We Are Now

JUI Pvt. Ltd. now operates from Karachi, Pakistan, home to one of the largest seaports in South Asia, and handles over 80% of all tea imports into Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and a significant portion of imports for other food commodities.

From importing tea on behalf of wholesalers in the 1950s to emerging as one of the leading import/export businesses that now caters to large-scale orders of multi-national companies for various commodities today, JUI Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way in making a name for itself in the local and international market.As a progressive company, JUI Pvt. Ltd. has transformed into a business that caters to importing, exporting, sourcing, qualifying, and maintaining food commodities like grains, spices, rice, fruits, vegetables, tea, etc.We now work with over 100's trusted buyers and sellers in the international commodity market and are long-term partners with some of the biggest multinational names in the market.

The legacy of JUI’s family leaders is a story rich in vision, hard work, determination, and innovation-an entrepreneurial heritage that continues to drive our future.

Where We Are Now



Core Values

Integrity- At the heart of everything we do, never compromising on food safety and quality.

Commitment- To keep our word to our clients, no matter how turbulent the market waves may be.

Responsibility- To give back to the society we operate in and owe so much to.


Continuing my grandfather’s legacy, I am proud of what JUI Pvt. Ltd. has achieved today. From being a “middle-man company” in this huge tea market to expanding its operations worldwide, the journey has been worthwhile!

I joined JUI Pvt. Ltd. in 2010 and took over the operations in Dubai. In 2017, I decided to return to Pakistan and utilize my experience of almost a decade in improving the operations back home. I expanded the operations by including the supply of various food commodities like spices, grains, nuts, seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

I take pride in the fact that JUI Pvt. Ltd. has never compromised on its core values of commitment, quality, and responsibility and I believe that is the secret behind its success. JUI Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneering company and the biggest name in the tea market and has never defaulted on any order and I wear that as a badge on my shoulder.

As the third generation that is taking over the business, we aim to prosper, diversify, and expand our entrepreneurial legacy.

– Saad Paracha
CEO Jaza Ul Ihsan Pvt. Ltd.