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Fruits and Vegetables

JUI Pvt. ltd. is a trusted name and preferred partner in the fruits and vegetable trade. Our extensive worldwide network allows us to source and export seasonal fruits and vegetables all over the world. Our product portfolio includes the following:


The king of fruits is the most awaited staple of summer. Pakistani ripe mangoes are extremely juicy, sweet, and fleshy; No wonder they are raved about worldwide. The fruit comes in a wide range of shapes and forms, and JUI Pvt. Ltd. exports all varieties of high-quality, fresh mangoes worldwide.


Pakistani oranges are highly nutritious citrus fruits grown in the fall/winter season. Except for a few types with red pulp, oranges are typically round or oval with orange rinds and flesh. The oranges are also used to produce jams, stewed fruit, dried fruit, etc. JUI Pvt. Ltd. is a leading exporter of freshly packed oranges.


Potato is a vegetable that is part of some 150 tuber-bearing species of the genus Solanum. The global monthly consumption of potatoes per capita is 31.3 kg! A big reason for that is that they’re high in fiber and keep you fuller longer. Additionally, potatoes are a great source of vitamins that support healthy bodily functioning and antioxidants that fight illness